Universal deterministic single ion “implantor” setup with nanometric accuracy

Equipe MFC: Daniel Comparat

Résumé / summary
Quantum circuits, made from specific doped materials, are foundational for quantum communication and computing.
But, current ion implantation techniques face limitations due to non-deterministic ion sources and accuracy constraints.
We propose here to develop a high-precision, universal ion “implantor” setup for applications in semiconductors and
quantum technology. For this we will take advantage of the correlation between each electron/ion pair, resulting from
the ionization of an atomic beam, to actively control the ion passing trajectory based on the extra information given by
the electron, as already developed on Cs atoms [Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 064049, 2019:
https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevApplied.11.064049]. This development of a controlled source of ions at the sub-
nanometric scale will open unique perspectives for implantation, etching, deposition and imaging experiments and will
allow the development of a revolutionary analytical instrument in the semiconductors field.
For this we will adapt the cesium atomic beam system by using femtosecond pulsed multiphoton ionization to
ionize atomic samples, creating a “cold” ion source for better accuracy. The use of other ions will allow us to
realize precise ion trajectory control and deterministic single-ion creation. The internship will consist of testing the
approach with Cs on the existing setup. The next steps, possibly in PhD, will consist of developing a deterministic Bi
or N source, to integrate with a new FIB column to finally achieve nanometer scale implantation.

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