4 mois (Mars 2020 - Juin 2020)

High resolution ion implantation and microscopy by ion-electron correlation


We have developed a new type of ion beam source from a laser ionized atomic jet. This source called SIEC (Source of
Ions and Electrons in Coincidence) is developed in the “single particle” regime where the number of charged particles
produced is exactly determined and where the spatial and energetic characteristics of each particle can be determined
and individually corrected (Real-Time Trajectory Control of Deterministically Produced Ions, C. Lopez, A. Trimèche,
D. Comparat and YJ Picard, Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 064049, 2019). This is achieved thanks to the coincident
measurement of each ion-electron couple resulting from ionization using time and position sensitive detectors. This
source achieves focusing performance and aberration correction beyond the limits of standard ion optics.

The objective now, which is the subject of the research internship, is to transpose this type of “deterministic” source
with high spatial and energy resolutions in a column of ions focused for experiments of implantations of atoms in solids
at the nanometric scale as well as for very high resolution imaging and engraving applications.

Yan PICARD - Contacter
Laboratoire Aimé cotton, bât 221, Campus d'ORSAY, 91405 Orsay Cedex.