“Four-wave mixing in atomic vapours with optical vortices ” par Laurence Pruvost est sur YouTube.

04 March 2021 par paul
03 Septembre 2021 - Laurence Pruvost a donné une conférence invitée lors du symposium des 50 ans de collaboration France-Recife. Pour la retrouver dans l’enregistrement, visez vers 3h10.

An optical vortex is a laser beam with a helical wavefront. Its main property is a twisted Poynting vector and an associated orbital angular momentum (OAM) of the photon whose value is quantized by an integer l which is the direction and number of the helix branches. The OAM is one of the variables that can be used for quantum technologies.

The Recife group was a pioneer in the use and understanding of OAM in 4-wave mixing showing its transfer, storage and retrieval. I will give the evolution of the field which today leads to OAM entanglement and quantum simulation using OAMs.

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