The static electric field shielding is observed experimentally for the first time in a three-dimensional molecular quantum !

03 March 2021 par paul
09 Septembre 2021- L'expérience montre qu'il est possible de réduire d'un facteur 30 les taux de perte dans le cas de molécules de KRb via l'utilisation d'un champ electrique statique.

The electric field shielding method developed by members of the THEOMOL team (G. Quéméner, L. Lassablière) has been observed experimentally for the first time in an ultracold gas of KRb molecules. This experiment was performed at JILA by the team of Jun Ye.  It is shown that it is possible to reduce the loss rate coefficients by a factor of 30, as theoretically expected. This work demonstrates full control of a long-lived quantum gas system with tunable long-range interactions, paving the way for the study of collective many-body quantum physics.

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